Capitalism, Guns and poo – A take on Gun control in America

Here’s the thing about America, Capitalism trumps everything here.


You go to a hospital, they check your credit card before they check your pulse. It also the place which  has produced multi billion  dollar companies that rule the internet, wouldn’t have happened with capitalism. Whatever your view ,on capitalism, is good or bad – this is not an article about merits of it, but a note on how powerful concept it is.

.Gun lobby is organised, they are well funded and some of them are indoctrinated about decentralisation of power and fear  of big government – and there are merits to that argument. But they are NOT stupid.  They must have a sense  the trade-off’s between owning a gun, real measure of protection offered against the perceived government  oppression and the price you pay for proliferating guns, – the regular shootings, homicides etc.

All about money

Let’s look at the economics for a second, Market cap of all big  Gun companies in america is less than $10 Billion. NRA spends a measly sum of less than 5 million /year on lobbying.  In a country with 15 trillion GDP, this sums are peanuts .

I think the only way to stop Guns, is to take away their funding. That means taking control of  the the weapons manufacturers, using their employees to manufacture something else – hospital beds, cranes, solar panels anything.. anything but guns.

Yes, it’ll cost you around $10 billion to buy them all out, probably it’ll save you thousands of life every year. They spent 2-3 trillion in Iraq, Afghanistan.  $10 billion is nothing in the scheme of things.

Unfortunately there’s  no other way, in America.   We’ve tried appealing to common sense, appealing to empathy, decency. – that won’t work.

Once you take away the funding, it’ll fall apart. The wheels will come off . Without the organisation behind it people will come to their senses, and give them up voluntarily. Tide would change, and new gun companies ( I am sure some will try), will not be able to regain the same power.

Guns really are not the problem here, that’s where we miss the point. It’s the capitalism stupid. You can sell tobacco, and we know it kills right? To drive home this point let’s take an extreme example. In America, if you can figure out a way of selling poo and make money of it, over time you will sell more poo, buy off the congress, senate to make laws in your favour and be a poo billionaire. Doesn’t matter, if selling poo is moral or not. Nation will respect you for it and reward you with riches.Nothing personal, it’s just economics. That’s how America works.

So sorry, Jimmy Kimmel shedding tear won’t help, even a bit. Only, way to do take away guns is to pay for it, probably best $10 billion this country will every spend.  So save the tears, please.  Reverse the economics, guns will take care of themselves.